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UK Google users to lose EU data protection

Not only UK citizens see their country leaving the EU, but they are also about to see their data moving too. Now that the UK exits EU, Google needs to change the authority of data collection to its UK users.

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

The importance of VPN Android application

Do you take your Android smartphone wherever you go and cannot imagine spending a day without it? If so, perhaps you are aware of the possible online threats and already using a VPN Android application? If not, today’s article proves that you should highly consider using one to secure your personal data. What can a VPN Android application do? Virtual Private Network is a powerful cybersecurity tool for protecting your actions online. By connecting to a remote VPN server, you can shield yourself from snoopers, bypass ISP or government censorships, geo-restrictions, and much more.

PRIVACY | 2 min Read

47% Americans Find Identity Theft Worse than Murder, New Report Shows

According to the latest Atlas VPN research, the US residents are way more worried about being hacked than getting murdered. Is such a severe concern for identity theft valid? Indeed, the record-high data breaches provide a reason for these worries. In 2019, hackers exposed a total of 7.9 billion private records.

REPORTS | 4 min Read

5 reasons to hide IP address

If you don’t hide IP address every click you make on the Internet is tracked. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique identification number, it is interconnected with your device and all actions online.

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

Clearview AI - the bygone era of privacy

Facial recognition isn’t new. But over the last few weeks, fears about image recognition and privacy surveillance intensified, thanks to a startup called Clearview AI.

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

VPN online: top 3 use cases

As you may already know, a VPN stands for [Virtual Private Network]({b}, and perhaps you are aware of how to use VPN online. Either it is paid or free service - both types serve the same purpose - VPN encrypts your internet traffic.

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

Critical Bluetooth vulnerabilities affect millions of devices

There's a common belief that unlike computers, mobile devices are incredibly secure and almost unhackable. Sadly, a critical bug discovered in the Android Bluetooth subsystem proved that this theory is wrong.

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

Time to get iOS VPN: your inbox is spying on you

In today’s world, protecting privacy is about adding iOS VPN as friction to the mechanisms that threaten it. A recent story from Vice highlights a few names of remarkably popular iOS email applications.

PRIVACY | 2 min Read

VPN reviews: guidelines to follow

Looking through a bunch of VPN reviews to decide which provider suits your personal requirements can be a real challenge. The selection is wide.

PRIVACY | 2 min Read