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How to find your router IP address

Your router IP address is the essential component of the home router configuration. Without the period-separated string, you cannot change…

HOW-TO | 3 min Read

What is ransomware?

Ransomware viruses claim the throne as one of the most rampant and financially devastating infections. Hackers pursue a relatively simple…

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

Deep web and dark web? The invisible internet realms

Misunderstandings involving the deep web and dark web have always sparked the interest of the internet community. Some regard them as…

PRIVACY | 4 min Read

China forces gamers to abandon nicknames for real names

The gaming community in China will soon face a tremendous lifestyle change. The Chinese government will require players to sign up using…

PRIVACY | 3 min Read

Over 150,000 COVID-related fraud reports submitted to the US Government YTD

According to data analyzed by the Atlas VPN research team, Americans reported 152,129 coronavirus-related fraud cases since the start of the year. These reports reveal that citizens lost more than $97.39 million to COVID-19 and stimulus check scams.

REPORTS | 3 min Read

Principles to know about WebRTC and how to disable it

WebRTC is the standard component of browsers that permits real-time communications and peer-to-peer sharing. It powers the multimedia…

HOW-TO | 4 min Read

How to use Atlas VPN to stream your favorite sports events

Some sports streaming events have set geographical boundaries, making them available only in specific locations. Most streaming websites log IP addresses to determine the user's location.

HOW-TO | 2 min Read

What is Incognito Mode and can you trust it?

Much like it sounds, Incognito Mode is a popular setting that allows you to go undercover when browsing the net. The feature instantly stops…

HOW-TO | 3 min Read

Debunking myths on RDP and VPN: how do they differ?

Besides the technical jargon involved, RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) represents a relatively simple concept of accessing computers remotely…

PRIVACY | 4 min Read