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Lockdowns and panic leads to a 124% surge in VPN usage in the US

According to Atlas VPN user data, VPN usage in the US increased by 124% during the last two weeks. VPN usage in the country increased by 71% in the last 7 days alone. Not surprisingly, confirmed coronavirus cases in the US skyrocketed as well.

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Netflix Party to combat Covid-19 social isolation

Everyone knows, the need to socialize is a significant part of human nature. The Covid-19 infection led many people to stay indoors isolating themselves to stop it from spreading.

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Download VPN to take care of your online life

2019 was the landmark for online privacy in many ways - people felt a huge lack of control over their personal information. 2020 is the year when it’s time to download VPN and take digital privacy into your own hands.

PRIVACY | 2 min Read

Coronavirus scams exploit fears with phishing and malware attacks

With a global crisis, comes a number of cybercriminals attempting to take advantage of emergencies to propagate scams. The pandemic over the Covid-19 coronavirus is no different.

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3 simple steps on how to setup VPN for free

The setup of a lot of VPN services can be quite complex. It is only natural that various technical terms can sound scary, but please fear not! Installing the VPN app, logging into your account, and hitting the button "Connect" is everything you need to do in order to achieve the full setup of a VPN.

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Kids are facing cyberbullying with 66% of parents being unaware

According to data investigated by Atlas VPN, children who use the internet excessively are more likely to become depressed. With kids spending 8.5 hours on screen per day, risk of cyberbullying, loneliness, and [anger issues arise.]({b} Recently, four thousand US households completed a survey on parental control over social media consumption.

REPORTS | 4 min Read

Skin sensing technology to beat Face ID security

In 2017, Apple introduced a revolutionary feature that set a new secure access standard - Face ID. Yet, the superior functionality has its flaws and is not one hundred percent foolproof.

PRIVACY | 2 min Read

US is fighting COVID-19 with 83% of healthcare systems running on outdated software

According to a recent [report by Palo Alto Networks]({b}, summarized and analyzed by Atlas VPN, the US is combating COVID-19 while having 83% of their healthcare systems run on outdated software. The US is taking serious measures to prevent coronavirus from spreading: Trump banned all incoming flights from Europe, Ireland, and the UK.

REPORTS | 3 min Read

The real VPN meaning

The era of VPN technologies started in early 1996 when a Microsoft employee developed a peer-to-peer tunneling protocol (PPTP). The protocol functioned only as a precursor to the VPNs we have today, yet, the VPN meaning remained the same - to provide a private connection between a device and the world wide web. Originally, VPN came to life for big organizations to secure their communications and remote file-sharing.

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