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US faces DDoS attacks nearly 4 times more often than China

Data acquired by Atlas VPN reveals that the US experienced nearly 4 times more DDoS attacks in March than China. Research shows that the US was DDoS-attacked over 175 thousand times, while China suffered 45 thousand attacks.

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What is Tor?

If you are interested in online privacy, chances are, you already heard about Tor. To many, the tool is the basis of true freedom on the internet.

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How well people keep social distancing? Street cameras will tell

As social distancing became standard across the globe, countries continue to bring surveillance technology to track the pandemic. Governments already rely on netizens’ location data to track the spread of the virus.

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Number of leaked government records increases by 278% in Q1, 2020

According to Atlas VPN research compiled from various publicly available sources, the number of exposed government and individual politician records increased by 278% when comparing the first quarters of 2019 and 2020. During the first quarter of 2019, there were over 4.5 million breaches of individual politicians records or government bodies globally.

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Cloud Security Stocks Outperform the S&P 500 by Over 37%

In the past few months, many stocks in the market experienced record-high losses due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, data gathered and analyzed by Atlas VPN shows that cloud security stocks not only held their own but, in some cases, saw significant growth.

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Free proxy: the good and the bad

It’s no surprise free proxy servers have grown in popularity over the years. With the controversies around Net Neutrality and government censorship, more netizens are looking for ways to access restricted content and combat surveillance.

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43% US Risk Professionals Say Cyber Incidents will Thrive in 2020, Businesses Ready to Invest

Data gathered and analyzed by Atlas VPN shows that 43% of business professionals predict US companies will get involved in a cyber accident by the end of 2020. The statistics reveal risks US businesses may be facing in 2020.

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A secret network of malicious app developers revealed

A group of at least 27 app developers caught committing fraud on a secret network via Google Play Store. With 101 applications combining in over 69 million installs, there's still much about this secret group that is unknown.

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37% of Businesses Expect to Grow by Investing in Cybersecurity

According to Atlas VPN investigation, 37% of business advisors believe that cybersecurity is a top priority investment for firms in 2020.

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